Le Vian is a family-owned jewelry company with a long history, dating from the 15th century. As purveyors of fine jewelry, Le Vian had gained such a reputation that in 1746, Nadir Shah, one Persia’s most powerful rulers, chose them to safeguard the collection of jewels he had amassed — including the famous Kooh-i- Noor diamond.

Le Vian is known for its love of reinventing several categories of fine jewelry through unique combinations of colors of diamonds, gems and gold to create the various collections. In an industry where copying is all too common, Le Vian insists on having every design start with an original idea, sketched out with pencil and paper. This time and effort spent in new designs has led to an estimated 100,000 original designs created by Le Vian over the years. Today, Le Vian is at the forefront of creating the most exquisite natural fancy-color diamond and gemstone jewelry.

It is Le Vian’s innovative use of colors that led the company to seek out the under-appreciated brown diamonds and popularize the deep-colored stones as Chocolate Diamonds®. To ensure that jewelry buyers would be certain of getting diamonds of only the highest quality, Le Vian trademarked the Chocolate Diamonds® name. This is just one example of Le Vian bringing jewelry to consumers that no other company has.

Part of the company’s missions is to democratize luxury by making fine jewelry affordable. One strategy it employs is to find a gem that is highly available during the peak of its production in a particular mine, while it is still under-priced. Le Vian then incorporates these gems into beautiful pieces, preserving them as quality jewelry that’s more readily affordable due to the gems being less appreciated by collectors. Later, as the mine runs out and the supply of the gems becomes limited, the value of the jewelry rises, giving early buyers a significant gain in value.

Le Vian is a private, family-owned business. It gives them the opportunity to do what they enjoy — to invest in innovation, to take care of their collectors like members of the family, and to do things no other jewelry company does.