For over 60 years, the name Honora has represented quality and value in the jewelry industry. Honora has specialized in supplying the very best Freshwater Cultured Pearls since they arrived on the market over 20 years ago. Honora has become one of the world’s largest pearl producers since the Freshwater revolution began in the late ‘80s.

Honora’s focus is creating exciting, yet affordable fashion jewelry using the wide range of shapes and colors of Freshwater Cultured Pearls. In addition to their exciting and affordable Fashion Jewelry, Honora also offers an exclusive collection of the finest Fine Pearl jewelry designs. From incredibly accessible opening price points to one-of-a-kind family heirlooms, Honora has it all.

Honora has also proven itself to be a leader in fashion trends. From the original Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Leather to their unique Pearl and Chain concepts, Honora is always on the forefront of pearl fashion trends. Most recently, Honora has turned the pearl world upside down with their fantastic array of color combinations from Chocolate to vibrant multi-color strands.

For years, Honora has strived to change consumer perception of pearls, creating an entire new world of pearl fashion. That is why Honora has managed to create a fresh new look at pearls.