1st Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Paper
Modern: Plastic
Alternative: Clocks
Flower: Pansy
Alternative Stones: Gold Jewelry and Peridot

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Cotton
Modern: Cotton and Calico
Alternative: China
Flower: Cosmos
Alternative Stones: Garnet

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Leather
Modern: Leather
Alternative: Crystal and Glass
Flower: Fuchsia
Alternative Stones: Pearls and Jade

4th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Fruit and Flowers
Modern: Linen, Silk and Nylon
Alternative: Appliances
Flower: Geranium
Alternative Stones: Topaz and Blue Zircon

5th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Wood
Modern: Wood
Alternative: Silverware
Flower: Daisy

6th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Candy
Modern: Iron
Alternative: Wood
Flower: Calla Lily
Alternative Stones: Amethyst and Turquoise

7th Wedding Anniverasry

Traditional: Copper and Wool
Modern: Brass
Alternative: Desk Sets
Flower: Jack-in-the-pulpit
Alternative Stones: Onyx and Yellow Sapphire

8th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Bronze
Modern: Pottery
Alternative: Linen
Flower: Clematis
Alternative Stones: Tourmaline and Tanzanite

9th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Pottery
Modern: Willow
Alternative: Leather
Flower: Poppy
Alternative Stones: Lazuli and Amethyst

10th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Tin
Modern: Aluminium
Alternative: Diamond
Flower: Daffodil
Alternative Stones: Diamond and Blue Sapphire

11th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Steel
Modern: Steel
Alternative: Jewellery
Flower: Morning Glory
Alternative Stones: Turquoise and Citrine

12th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Silk
Modern: Linen
Alternative: Pearl
Flower: Peony
Alternative Stones: Jade and Opal

13th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Lace
Modern: Lace
Alternative: Textiles and Faux Fur
Flower: Hollyhock
Alternative Stones: Citrine, Moonstone and Hawk’s Eye

14th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Ivory
Modern: Ivory
Alternative: Gold
Flower: Dahlia
Alternative Stones: Opal, Agate and Bloodstone

15th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Crystal
Modern: Glass
Alternative: Watches
Flower: Rose
Alternative Stones: Ruby, Alexandrite and Rhodolite Garnet

16th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Silver Holloware
Alternative Stones: Peridot and Red Spinel

17th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Furniture
Alternative Stones: Watch and Carnelian

18th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Porcelain
Alternative Stones: Cat’s Eye and Chrysoberyl

19th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Bronze
Alternative Stones: Aquamarine and Almandine Garnet

20th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: China
Modern: China
Alternative: Platinum
Flower: Day Lily
Alternative Stones: Emerald and Yellow or Golden Diamond

21th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Brass and Nickel
Alternative Stones: Iolite

22th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Copper
Alternative Stones: Spinel

23th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Silver Plate
Alternative Stones: Imperial Topaz

24th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Musical instrument
Alternative Stones: Tanzanite

25th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Silver
Modern: Silver
Alternative: Silver
Flower: Iris
Alternative Stones: Silver Jubilee

26th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Pictures

27th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Sculpture

28th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Orchids
Flower: Orchid

29th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Furniture

30th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Pearl
Modern: Pearl
Alternative: Pearl
Alternative Stones: Pearl Jubilee

31th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Timepiece

32th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Transportation

33th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Amethyst
Alternative Stones: Amethyst

34th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Opal
Alternative Stones: Opal

35th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Coral
Modern: Coral and Jade
Alternative: Jade
Alternative Stones: Emerald

36th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Bone China

37th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Alabaster

38th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Beryl
Alternative Stones: Beryl and Tourmaline

40th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Ruby
Modern: Garnet
Alternative: Ruby
Flower: Nasturtium
Alternative Stones: Ruby

42th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Real Estate

45th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Sapphire
Modern: Sapphire
Alternative: Sapphire
Alternative Stones: Cat’s Eye

49th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Luxury Goods

50th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Gold
Modern: Gold
Alternative: Gold
Flower: Violet
Alternative Stones: Golden Jubilee, Imperial or Golden Topaz

55th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Emerald
Modern: Turquoise
Alternative: Emerald
Alternative Stones: Alexandrite

60th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Diamond
Modern: Gold
Alternative: Diamond
Alternative Stones: Diamond Jubilee and Star Ruby

65th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Diamond
Modern: Gold
Alternative: Diamond
Alternative Stones: Blue Spinel

70th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Diamond
Modern: Gold
Alternative: Diamond
Alternative Stones: Sapphire Jubilee and Smokey Quartz

75th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional: Diamond
Modern: Gold
Alternative: Diamond
Alternative Stones: Diamond Jubilee

80th Wedding Anniversary

Modern: Diamond
Alternative Stones: Ruby Jubilee